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The Best Fishing Tool for Beginners – Gill Nets & more



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Commercial Vacuum Sealer – Right Equipment for Restaurant Industries

Heinsohn’s Country Store offers Commercial Vacuum Sealer for packaging or sealing ingredients to keep your food fresh. It is right equipment for restaurant industries. Find variety of Vacuum packing machine with different features available online at best prices in USA.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer For Sale


A vacuum chamber sealer is a machine used for suction of air prior to packing. It prevents the evaporation of volatile components, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and reduces atmospheric oxygen.

Their powerful vacuum pump and large chamber gives them the ability to quickly seal multiple bags of food at the same time, which are important benefits in a restaurant.

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An Effective Gill Net – Fishing Nets

A Gill Net is a single wall of netting and very effective in catching fish mainly used by commercial fisherman. Heinsohn’s Country Store offers quality Gill Nets which are suitable for all kind of fisheries.

Gill Net

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Meat Grinders & Electric Meat Grinders –

Electric Meat Grinders

Increase your productivity with less labor engagement through an electric meat grinder. Make your business reach top among your competitor by producing and delivering more amount of grinded meat.

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