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sausage stuffer

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How to use a Gill Net, The correct way of using a gill net


The use of gill net is increasing more and more with time to obtain bait for cat fishing overcast nets. The difference between cast net and gill net is easily noticeable and the first difference is the ease in the use of gill net. In case of setting and retrieving a gill net is very easy compared to a cast net. It also targets only a specific size of fish while letting small one pass and let bigger one go without entrapping.

While setting the Gill Net one need to be cautious. And the best result can be obtained by using two people where one need to handle the boat while other one set and retrieve the net. Make sure not to let your hand or feet tangled while handling the net. While retrieving the net be careful that the boat does not run over the top of the boat as it might wrap around the prop.

While setting the gill net only one end is dropped in the water and let the boat back making the net look like curtain hanging in the water. Make sure to never set your net in a channel or in the way of another boat. While pulling the net the fishes in the way of it collide with it and become entrapped in the net. Then use the reverse method of setting the net to pull it to the net and remove the trapped fish from it and while removing the fish one need to be careful as the process is more tricky then it looks.

Fishing – Gill Nets & Other Fishing Devices

Gill Net

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Gill Nets – Fishing Nets

Gill Net

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Gillnets | Fishing gear


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