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Meat slicer is an appliance for kitchen use. Mostly it is used for commercial meat chopping. It has different sizes. It is also available in different models made by different companies. These meat slicers can be used for fine and homogenous cutting of meat. They have different metal plates with different shapes and sizes that help to cut meat into different shapes and slices to facilitate meat cutting.


If you want to buy a good and useful meat slicer try out Heinsohn’s meat slicer. They have a good experience of 94 years in the country and they offer it all over the country with a good range of products. If you want to do commercial cooking you surely need a good commercial meat slicer in order to cut pieces of meat in homogenous units. Heinsohn must be your 1st choice as they are offering best meat slicers. They are also offering a good range of related products to aid your commercial cooking.


It is so convenient to use a meat slicer. 1st of all you must keep a pair of cut resistant gloves and always wear them before using it to save the meat of your fingers from cuts and bruises.  Wear them as precautions.  Don’t forget to check the mode of the machine as if it is manual or automatic and set it according to your choice.  Now switch on the meat slicer and make adjustments to the blade according to required thickness and shape. There must be a weight handle at the side or end of machine use it for exerting pressure on the piece of meat and for its cutting. There is also a diagonal plate in order to keep and control piece of meat from slipping. Now check out all the positions and adjust the speed for cutting (low speed is preferred).  Now start moving weight handle back and forth and it will facilitate cutting. Cutting of first few slices will give an idea of the thickness of slices. Now you can also choose the option of automatic cutting by resetting the mode of the machine. After doing a good practice with machine you can also do cutting with fast speed. After cutting all the meat you must clean the machine with a wet soapy towel by being so careful from the blades. Clean it thoroughly and place it on some dry place.


Following precautions should be taken while using meat slicer. You should not use your hand to put pressure on meat always use the pressure handle for this purpose. If you are a beginner never try with a fast speed and automatic settings. While running in automatic mode never use hand to push or pull the meat in order to stop cutting process always use on/off button for this purpose. You should never try to clean the machine when its switch is plugged in and electric supply is on. There are chances that you might get an electric shock. Also, never clean it before setting the blade thickness to zero.


About Heinsohn's Country Store

If you are looking for preparing delicious food with country taste, please look over Heinsohn's Country Store’s cooking and cookware products. Our food preparation machines are great for both domestic and commercial people to prepare their own food.

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