How to choose the best Commercial Meat Slicer for your needs

A meat slicer, conjointly referred to as a slicing machine, deli slicer or just a slicer, could be a tool utilized in butcher retailers and delicatessens to slice salami, Parma ham, meats, and cheeses. Older models of meat slicer could also be operated by a crank, whereas the newer ones typically use an electrical motor. Recently, meat slicers became an item for home marketplace for individuals who need to slice their own meats and cheeses. Virtually everybody incorporates a want for meat slicers. Particularly businesses like grocery stores or delicatessens. Adjustable cut thicknesses is there in every slicer. There are models designed for smaller institutions that may be slicing no quite 2 hours daily. Business kitchens that need a lot of slicing capability can realize heavy models which will operate all day long.


Food service institutions that don’t opt to slice meat and manufacture just for but 2 hours daily and have restricted table top area ought to opt for a lighter model. Kitchens and delis that slice anyplace from two to four hours daily and wish to often slice cheese will use a medium-duty unit. Finally, operations that shall run their commercial meat slicer all day long and wish to be able to slice massive amounts of cheese while not damaging the machine will need a heavy model. If you have got an out sized family or a giant party to arrange, about in the shop to urge meats, cheeses and different foods sliced will seem to be simply another long item on your stir list. Having your own meat slicer reception saves you time by belongings you slice food whenever you wish to. A slicer could be a larger direct purchase compared to obtaining slightly little bit of food sliced at a time at a delicatessen. However, if you propose on victimization the slicer typically, it’ll procure itself fairly quickly.

Slicing your meat is simply a technique to method it. You’ll be able to conjointly use a meat grinder, that allows you to grind finely or coarsely meat, vegetables, grains and loony, or add an attachment to form sausages. Together, food slicers and grinders will create your assortment of room appliances become a lot of better-rounded.


Regardless of that slicer sort you wish, once change between totally different foods you’ll need to completely clean the blade and slicing table, particularly if you slice each meat and cheese with one unit. With the increasing variety of milk and different food allergies, you run the danger of severely harming your customers by not cleansing the unit once change foods.


How to choose the slicer you need?

When buying a poster food slicer, it is vital to require into thought precisely what you plan to slice, as different slicers have different capabilities for slicing cheeses, meats and vegetables.

While entry level, lighter duty slicers provide a considerably lower cost tag than larger, heavier duty models, they’ll quickly blow out if systematically pushed to the far side their capability. They’re sometimes not designed to handle a lot of, if any slicing of cheese.

Generally, heavier duty models conjointly incorporate a lot of usability and safety options. Looking on what quantity you employ your delicatessen slicer, you may compose the price distinction terribly quickly in accrued productivity and safety, between a higher-end model and a more cost-effective choice.

Buying Guide:

In general, following these pointers ought to assist you realize the proper slicer for your facility:

Entry Level Slicers are best fitted for operations wherever the slicer would be used for an hour or 2 at the most per day. Whereas designed for easy, safe operation, they’re not suggested for slicing cheese, and don’t provide as several safety or convenience options as higher-end models.

Mid-Tier Slicers typically have larger blades, somewhat a lot of H.P., and might face up to a lot of constant use. Some models will handle occasional slicing of cheese, but are primarily meant for a couple of hours of vegetable or deli meat slicing per day. They sometimes provide a couple of a lot of safety and convenience options than an entry-level model too.

Premium Slicers represent the top-of-the-line offering from every manufacturer. Most are designed for serious duty, constant use, and might slice cheese similarly. These models provide style options that enhance the smoothness of operation, slice exactness, and safe operation.



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